Sorolla's Studio


"Sharon Littig and I travelled to Spain a couple of weeks ago. We stayed in Madrid, just two blocks from the Prado, a stone's throw from the world's largest Sorolla exhibit ever. The show was extraordinary - Sharon and I went back three times to absorb the color and soak up the light. The depth of feeling that radiated from the work was both humbling and inspiring. We also visited his house, which is now a national museum. The picture above is his studio, within the house. Below are more photographs taken during our trip to Spain."

- John (June 26, 2009)

This is a quick sketch I did of Sharon painting the bronze lions at the Parque del Retiro

This large billboard advertising the Prado Exhibition of Sorolla work was the main attraction at the Puerta de Sol, the center of Spain

Rick Casali, Joanna, and Sharon Littig

Sharon sketching at the Parque del Retiro

Sharon Littig at Sorolla's House - Madrid, Spain

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